Mission Statement

Healthy By Intention’s mission is to help people feel better. We do this by “Taking the Rough Edges Off Daily Living” in a quality, comfortable, safe environment for complementary healthcare.

Since 1998, our focus has been on therapeutic massage for health. Please note, we are not physicians and, by law, cannot diagnose or prognose.

Our knowledgeable staff takes a holistic approach to addressing our client’s healthcare needs. Today that may mean providing you with an excellent massage. Tomorrow it could be helping you find the path to a remedy for a stubborn or perplexing health problem.  Flexibility and clear intention are key to this process.

The many and varied approaches to wellness can be overwhelming. To help you navigate constructively, we work to stay current with relevant information amid the vast array of remedies available today. It is our intention to maintain a standard of excellence to include a broad and diverse knowledge base. As a team we have an ever-growing network of professional contacts and the ability to offer, or guide you to, the resources you want.

We enthusiastically seek out and participate in continuing education of all sorts. Workshops, classes, lectures, books, magazines, newsletters, journal articles: all that we become aware of, we can share with you. And vice versa.

Our clients are a most valuable resource, indeed. We all benefit from learning and sharing.

Run and staffed by educated, skilled professionals whose top priority is the client’s health and well-being, we are Northern Virginia’s premier stress management service.