Staff Bios

NCTMB “National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork”

All massage therapists practicing at Healthy By Intention, Inc. (“HBI”) are Certified by the Virginia Board of Nursing, the Falls Church Police Department, members of the American Massage Therapy Association or other professional organization(s), and trained in at least Swedish and Deep Tissue massage.

We hope these bios help you to select a staff member who can best address your wellness issues.

Seeing different therapists at HBI is encouraged by the therapists as appropriate to address your wellness issues.

ROBERTA is a graduate of Applied Kinesthetic Studies School of Massage (AKS) in Herndon, Virginia.

Her approach focuses on the fact that our bodies are amazing and will respond and react to whatever treatment it receives. Roberta begins with a lighter approach allowing the client to relax and become more aware of their body. According to the client’s feedback and response, she will address needed areas with Swedish massage techniques and healing touch for a relaxing, therapeutic, and effective massage.

RICK is a graduate of the Potomac Massage Training Institute (PMTI) in Washington, D.C.

Trained in Swedish/Deep Tissue massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Orthopedic Massage, and Myofascial Release (Barnes approach), he has been practicing since 1999. Rick’s goal is to release myofascial restrictions that limit range of motion, causing pain and hampering athletic performance. Unable to find relief from sports injuries through traditional care, he turned to massage therapy. The results were so positive for Rick that he sought Professional Massage Training so he could bring that level of relief to others.

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